Hi, my name is Natalie! I would like to tell you about our little hobby that has turned into a business.

When I got a niece, I liked playing with her and entertaining her with something engaging. Every day, I had a new activity for her.

We tried a lot of different things until one of our hobbies – I would say the favorite one – has turned into a small business. Once I found on the Internet a printable for making a papercraft. Cutting it out and assembling turned out to be a fascinating activity. Soon, my niece and I were into making papercrafts: every day we made a new one.

It was a point for us not only to be entertained by assembling disposable crafts that are to forget after one day or to throw them away but to make something that we can use in the interior décor and enjoy seeing it every day. So, our final choice was 3D cardboard mills.

Another important thing for us is that our products be eco friendly. Today, the idea of environmentally friendly products and respect for nature is growing more and more popular. Consumers now simply do not want to buy products without knowing how friendly or harmful they are for the environment. That leads to the fashion for eco-living and eco-design at homes, cafes, offices, and so on. As a result, many businesses are becoming eco friendly.

In 8 years, our products were awarded more than one time as the best eco products for interior décor and most original business ideas.

Our products are intended not only to be an interesting hobby, but they also can be a part of your home decor or an element of the office design. Well, you can place them wherever you wish.

Assemble MyPaperHobby models and make the world a better place together with us!