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Interior Design Solutions out of Paper: It Is Simply Fantastic!

3D paper decorations are among the brightest ideas for interior design! And, importantly, you can make these stylish design elements by yourself! All that you need is only 1 ounce of patience and perseverance. The effect is simply amazing!

How You Can Use Paper Figures?

  • For room decoration
  • As an unusual gift
  • As a unique art medium
  • To brighten your party

Often, 3D paper items are used for wall decoration. But few people know that polygonal paper models are perfect to dress up a stack, shelf, drawer chest, and, even, the Christmas tree.

Or, Don’t You Want to Frame It?

Sometimes, you can get carried away with paper modeling so that you might think that one tiny item in the interior is not enough. The main things are not to overdo and adhere to the style you have chosen.


Carefully choose a spot where you are going to place your paper figures.

An interesting option is to place them above a bed or other massive pieces of furniture.

Combining Elements

3D paper figures are perfectly combined with various decor elements of any style. It is important not to leave them hanging alone on empty walls!

What about adding a twist to your party? 3D paper figures can do well. Why not use paper masks?

Try to be a designer with our 3D paper figures!


How to Distract a Child from a Tablet: Fascinating Paper Hobby

For many modern families, electronic gadgets have turned into a real problem. Children absolutely do not want to communicate with the outside world, replacing it with a virtual one. How to change it?

We have a solution! 3D paper modeling is a treasure for child development. Engaged in paper modeling, a kid is wrapped up in a fairy-tale world of paper and feel like a real magician. He or she won’t even remember about the phone!

Parents might even not know how many benefits paper modeling has:

– This fascinating activity calms playful kids.

– Creating objects out of paper is excellent for training motor skills and hand coordination, which, in turn, helps a child to improve writing skills, develop beautiful handwriting, and contribute to a better language.

– Would you like to develop logical thinking in your child? Paper modeling is what you need! On top of it, the child will learn to follow the instructions and not to be afraid of complex tasks.

– Making cardboard shapes with glue can develop perseverance, patience, agility, imagination, and spatial thinking.

– Creating such amazing crafts, the kid has a chance to feel the joy of creativity and appreciation of the loved ones. And, you will finally spend time with your family without any gadgets!

Feel the taste of live communication and true emotions, spending time in the bosom of your family with our cardboard figures!


How 3D Paper Modeling Helps Relieve Stress

Making 3D paper crafts has won all ages, and, today, it is the most popular activity for family leisure. You can create animated objects, creatures, and your favorite characters by yourself.

Mostly, people do it just for fun and not many of them know about the positive and psychotherapeutic effects of paper modeling.

Here you have 5 reasons why to start making paper crafts right now:

– At first, paper modeling might seem like a daunting task. But, once started, you will find it quite interesting and exciting. And as soon as you see the results of your creative process, you will feel nearly euphoric. It’s worth a try!

– Exercise your patience. Creating the model calmly and step-by-step, you will also learn how to solve your problems in any real-life situation, gradually achieving the desired result.

– 3D modeling helps socialize with people and make new friends. Making crafts together, you not only learn how to share tasks and agree on a strategy but also can discuss new topics.

– Paper modeling can help you get away from pressing problems. Assembling models helps relieve stress, as your mind will be completely absorbed in a fun activity.

– Once ready, your 3D crafts can brighten up your home, create a unique atmosphere, and they will always remind you of the good time you spent while making them.

And, if you have already tried some paper models and enjoyed making crafts, following the link, you can find more of them: just choose and go ahead!


How to make paper animals?

  1. You start by cutting out the different pieces of your paper animal. Save the paper leftovers to cover up any accidents, such as glue stains, dents or gaps.
  2. After cutting out the pieces, you fold them. Use the folding lath or the back of a kitchen knife to make sharp folds.
  3. Use the numbers to sort all pieces before you start building your paper animal.
  4. The small numbers around the edges of each piece represent the gluing numbers. You will find each number twice on your paper trophy. Find the numbers and glue the pieces on top of the associated flaps.
  5. While you’re gluing and holding the tabs, it’s advised to use the table as much as possible.

Enjoy making your 3D puzzle project! 


Papercraft kits

Create your own eyecatching design interior item: a paper animal trophy on your wall or on a side table. The cubic design creates a perfect minimalistic look to match in any livingroom or bedroom. There are many varieties and each one comes in different colours and sometimes even with prints like marble or wood. So choose your own favourite here and surprise yourself with the result.


3d insects

Cool, exotic and elegant at the same time. Put together these friendly 3D puzzle paper insects and they are a real eyecatcher in your interior. You can choose butterflies, beetles and dragonflies in beautiful matte or metallic gradient paper or make a collection! Ready to make your own interior design object?



Do you really love insects and would love to fill your home with swarms of butterflies and dragonflies? With this paper collection sets you can have butterflies, dragonflies and big moths buzzing in your home all year round. These colourful friends cheer up every room!

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