How to Distract a Child from a Tablet: Fascinating Paper Hobby

For many modern families, electronic gadgets have turned into a real problem. Children absolutely do not want to communicate with the outside world, replacing it with a virtual one. How to change it?

We have a solution! 3D paper modeling is a treasure for child development. Engaged in paper modeling, a kid is wrapped up in a fairy-tale world of paper and feel like a real magician. He or she won’t even remember about the phone!

Parents might even not know how many benefits paper modeling has:

– This fascinating activity calms playful kids.

– Creating objects out of paper is excellent for training motor skills and hand coordination, which, in turn, helps a child to improve writing skills, develop beautiful handwriting, and contribute to a better language.

– Would you like to develop logical thinking in your child? Paper modeling is what you need! On top of it, the child will learn to follow the instructions and not to be afraid of complex tasks.

– Making cardboard shapes with glue can develop perseverance, patience, agility, imagination, and spatial thinking.

– Creating such amazing crafts, the kid has a chance to feel the joy of creativity and appreciation of the loved ones. And, you will finally spend time with your family without any gadgets!

Feel the taste of live communication and true emotions, spending time in the bosom of your family with our cardboard figures!