Interior Design Solutions out of Paper: It Is Simply Fantastic!

3D paper decorations are among the brightest ideas for interior design! And, importantly, you can make these stylish design elements by yourself! All that you need is only 1 ounce of patience and perseverance. The effect is simply amazing!

How You Can Use Paper Figures?

  • For room decoration
  • As an unusual gift
  • As a unique art medium
  • To brighten your party

Often, 3D paper items are used for wall decoration. But few people know that polygonal paper models are perfect to dress up a stack, shelf, drawer chest, and, even, the Christmas tree.

Or, Don’t You Want to Frame It?

Sometimes, you can get carried away with paper modeling so that you might think that one tiny item in the interior is not enough. The main things are not to overdo and adhere to the style you have chosen.


Carefully choose a spot where you are going to place your paper figures.

An interesting option is to place them above a bed or other massive pieces of furniture.

Combining Elements

3D paper figures are perfectly combined with various decor elements of any style. It is important not to leave them hanging alone on empty walls!

What about adding a twist to your party? 3D paper figures can do well. Why not use paper masks?

Try to be a designer with our 3D paper figures!